Jeffrey Comes to Visit

November 11 2019

I had a fabulous weekend with Jeff and I’m so sad it’s over. I got really used to being independent without him and then he comes to visit and it’s so wonderful to be with your best friend again and laugh and talk about everything … you are made painfully aware of what you’re missing and then you say goodbye again.

Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond overjoyed he came to see me but Monday morning was sad. 

He got in Friday and I requested to leave class an hour early to come meet him. I raced back on a scooter and met him in the plaza near my Airbnb.

We dropped off his things and then went to get some almuerzo (lunch).

We found a highly recommended tapa bar across from the Picasso museum.

We ate there: wine, jamon, queso, patatas and olives

Then we went to the Picasso museum. The best part was actually this movie at the end from this other artist who was actually a war photographer but ended up documenting a lot of Picasso later in life. His perspective and photos were really interesting

His wife Jacquelyn

Jeff started to crash towards the end of the museum so we took a quick detour to the Cathedral since we were super close and then went back so he could nap. Poor guy barely slept 4 hours a night this week with all the client dinners and hopping from London to Zurich. 

We napped for a solid 2 hours (yes okay me too… I passed out too…)

Woke up and then set out to explore the Old Town a bit more and find something for dinner. Jeff wanted paella. So we went to this seafood place Los Mellizos and got garlic shrimp and paella.

I keep looking for paella where the bottom is crusty but maybe that’s just a thing they do at socarrat (this restaurant in NY). I keep wanting it here but it hasn’t happened yet. I googled and it looks like it might be more of a Valencia region thing but I’ll keep trying by Jove!

Lol but then again I just read this when researching paella 

After all of this, to the chagrin of every Spaniard I know, I could say without a shred of contrarian angst that the best paella of my life came not from the shores of Spain, but from a place called Socarrat in New York.”

So maybe I won’t find it unless I go to one of the places in this article. Wahhh 

I digress 

After stuffing our faces, we walked along the pier and then headed back. Poor Jeffrey had to do some more work for the US folks who were still emailing and so we went back, he did two hours of work and then we went to bed around 1am.

We had to get up at 8am Saturday for our day trip to El Caminito del Rey!

It’s a very popular walk in Malaga through the first hydro dams of the region. It’s about an hour away and at first I thought I was doomed because all entry fares were sold out for months. But then! I found a tour place (Malaga Southern Experiences) that had spots left on Saturday.

So I booked us. Was it more expensive than figuring it out myself? Yes, but to go there on your own you have to:

Take a train that only goes twice a day

Take a shuttle to the start

Walk 3km

Get entry fee ahead of time (this was the thing sold out)

Walk the 5km one way

Find a way to get back to your train…

Thus MSE it was, and it included transportation for us to and from downtown Malaga and a guide the whole way with fun facts!

“Chocolate stairs” invented to make it easier to move carts of material up and down

Fun facts:

  1. The site is of the hydrodams built back in 1901
  2. Most bird nest in the canyons because they can hide from predators. Eagles and hawks could get it but the canyons aren’t wide enough for them to fly out. So they don’t risk it. Coolest bird is the Royal swift. It can fly for 200 days straight and it does this while eating sleeping and pooping…
  3. Vultures are very prevalent here. Their wings make them as long as a horse. The government of Malaga brings all the dead animals of Malaga and dumps them here and the vultures literally eat them clean
  4. Filter doors – the engineer who made this Rafael Burín, had to come up with away to make sure the after flowing to the dam didn’t bring rocks debris dead animals etc down into the dam to pollute it and or break things. So he built these split ways for the water to flow with doors and once one section would get full, he’d close the doors and water would flow the other route till they could get all the junk out
  5. It’s called the King path but the King did very little but come and visit
  6. Carob Trees are all over nearby and we’re planted by the Arabs. They were planted because they were good at math and the seeds of the Carob tree are all equal in weight… and they were used to calculate one carat of gold. .20 grams of gold is 100 carob seeds . Goats eat the Carob fruit since they like the sweet flavor and their poop has the perfect acidity levels for the seeds to grow. Thus when they poo- they foster a carob tree!

After our lovely day, we walked around through old town back to the apartment. We then showered and headed to find Jeff hot food. We went to Lo Gueno Meson. Jeff got steak and I got mushrooms and eggs. 

We were knackered after dinner and headed back to chillax

Sundayyyy last day with bae 😦

Jeff had to work so he did that for two hours while I cleaned the apartment and did some stuff for school. Then we set out to the beach to find lunch at a chiringuito. Chiringuitos are little food stalls and restaurants on the beach. 

Most places don’t start doing lunch till like 2 pm.

Thus we walked and got a coffee and a small breakfast Sammy first. Then we finished walking to my school which is like a little over 5km.

On the way back, we hit up a chiringuito to try espetos- barbecued sardines, which is the specialty here. The places all have a little row boat they grill out of in front of the restaurant and then serve your food to you. We got one order of those and some tomatoes and a beer

We got a prime seat on the boardwalk and the place was packed!

After we walked back through old town and then headed back to the apartment to rest for a bit before I brought Jeff up to Castillo Gibralfaro for sunset

We rested like an hour and then packed up some wine and snacks and walked 15-20 min to the vista point to catch the sunset. We watched the sun go down over Malaga with some vino.

I showed him one other view pint after where the old señor took me the day before.

By this time it was kinda dark so we went to find dinner

Jeffrey wanted pizza so off we went

We found a pizza place and just beat the rush. Pizza was decent. The crust had stuffed eggplant and ricotta in it

To cap off our food tour, I brought him to this old churro place that was founded like in the 1930s. We got 3 churros and chocolate to share.

Gotta be honest, not really my thing. Also the chocolate is like too milky to me. Needs to be like more chocolate.

Anyway, we finally called it quits after that and went home. Spain was till going hard but we had walked 12 miles at this point so it was time for a bad movie on the couch.

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