Meg Comes to Visit

November 18 2019

Meghann came to visit! And man did we pack it in. 

She landed Friday at like 11am. I had purchased a lock box for her to leave the keys in while I was at class. I was able to get out around 1pm anyway and head back to see her. My professor that day was being a huge jerk anyway so I wasn’t motivated to stay till the end and put up with her.

Side note: I’ve come to the conclusion that this lady is just unhappy in life. Every time you ask a question she gets so annoyed and exasperated and is just super sassy when replying. It’s like dude we’re trying to learn, if you don’t like answering questions- don’t be a teacher. 

Okay anyway, I digress.

So I went home and found Meg. We then went to this famous food stall market. Meg wanted calamari and we had the choice of calamari or calamaritos. She chose the latter… which ended up being little squids whole. Eyes and all. I didn’t realize she was squeamish about it but she championed through. I took her around to the port and the Cathedral and then she was fading fast from jet lag so we went back so she could nap for a couple hours

Our goal was to get up and go around 6:30pm. We found a place to get wine but her stomach started really hurting. We ended up leaving at 7. “You’re gonna have to chug that.” – Meghanns famous words to indicated to me that we needed to leave immediately.

So I chugged both of our wines (classy) and took her back to the Airbnb. We stopped quickly at a pharmacy first. I didn’t mind really because well

1) I live here right now so I’m not missing out

2) I was kind of knackered myself

I had leftovers so ate in, we watched tv, and then went to bed at like 1030pm.

Next day we were going to Torcal de Antequera! It’s this nature park (Spain has like national parks and nature parks that are official protected things) and it’s also declared unique and thus protected by UNESCO for its stone formations. 

I had found it through Airbnb experiences. We booked it with this guide Alfonso who’s this young geologist. It was super cool. Meghann was also feeling better (thank god)! It was a 40min drive up. We got in Alfonso’s van with an Indian couple from London and 2 Dutch coworkers. It would’ve been tricky to get to on your own so I’m glad we booked it with Alfonso.

It was super cold that day for Spain, like 32°F in the sun and super windy. Thank goodness for layers. 

Torcal was gorgeous with all these unique rock stacks formed by glaciers and rivers. There are impressions in the rock of sea fossils which tells you that it was under water at one point.

The tour was from 8:00-14:00

The whole group was very funny and easy going and I got to practice Spanish with Alfonso so all in all a very successful trip.

When we got back, we chilled for a bit and then decided what to do for Sunday. 

Meg was flying out Tuesday so we were thinking another mini day trip since she’d have Monday to explore Malaga while I was at class.

We were between Ronda and Seville but Seville looked like it had a ton of stuff and maybe too much for one day. So Ronda it was. We booked a 9:30 am train. 

That night we went out to a wine bar and then for tapas and then drinks at an Irish bar. Meghann: “no one ever has a bad time at an Irish bar.”

This was unfortunately very true. There was a bearded bar tender named Rahul, who was hilarious and kept heavy pouring us drinks and free shots. 

Between wine, whiskey, tequila (Cuervo  gold.. barf) and limoncello … we were toast

Side note* the limoncello was provided by some Bahrain men to Meg who tried to tell them there was a dragon on their flag and they were like yea no…

Anyway- home around midnight and the next morning we felt real bad.

We headed to the train station but we found out they swapped it for a bus.

The bus was freezing and we both just like tried to sleep. I ate my Sammie so I felt better but Meg was pretty rough for an hour or so after. We got to Ronda and damn it was cold. There was some bazaar open with over priced low quality things but I was desperate. So I bought gloves, neck warmer and little boy XL fleece sweat pants for under my jeans. 

Helped tremendously 

Ronda is B-E-U-TIFUL. It’s situated like between the mountains and over some valleys. We walked around and found the famous bridge. Then putted around some Arab baths. We were trying to figure out how to get to the path around the bridge and the nice man working the Arab baths gave us a map. The walk and viewpoint below was gorgeous. Probably around 4km. It was super steep coming back up and we were sweating at that point.

We booked a 16:10 return home so after the mirador we walked around a bit more, got Meg some souvenirs and myself a Sammie.

All in all a very successful trip.

We got back and showered and then went out for paella.

The paella journey to date here has been a little disappointing but we found a place with decent crusty rice (albeit crusty from the top and not the bottom) but overall good flavors!

Then we got some ice cream and went home.

Monday I woke up early and went to the gym and then school.

Meg went to Picasso museum, the cathedral and found her mom saffron. 

When I got back, we did a 14:00 tour on top of the cathedral roof which was cool. Then I brought her down the beach towards el Palo for seafood and drinks. We walked there and then took the bus back. 

We then walked up to the Castillo to show her the view and finally ended the night with tapas that came with far too many potatoes

I got ice cream again and Meg got some of those candies almonds.

She flew out the next day but was able to get her Jamon Pata Negra before she left! (Said to be the most expensive and best ham in Spain… ) 

All in all a very successful trip and I am so grateful I’ve had familiar faces to see every weekend that I’ve been in Malaga! 

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