Back to School! Week 1

November 07 2019

This week has gone really fast. I can’t believe it’s almost over which means I’m ¼ done with school already…

Run before school

I can’t remember if I wrote this before but for the month of November I decided to try to be veg as much as possible. I ate so much red meat during the hike – I just feel like it’s best to balance out a bit but also, I do feel really bad when I see all the commercial farming and I feel a bit hypocritical when I don’t change any of my actions despite my feelings so we’re gonna try this out.

First week hasn’t been bad. I actually think it’s harder to do no carb (which I’ve done too…). Veg is pretty easy with eggs tofu and cheese.

Breakfast is like quick yogurt and fruit or toast. Mid day snack (because in school from 9-2pm, we get a 10 min breaks between every hour except from 11-12, we get 20 min) is a hard boiled egg and lentils or couscous and veggies.
Dinner is a variation of the same

Classes are good. I started in B1 from the placement exam because I recognized a lot of the tenses for subjunctive conditional etc but just like couldn’t remember how to use them in every scenario. But B1 was too slow. It was good review but we were spending a whole hour on exercises that were coming easy to me. So I asked to change to B2.

On the first week you can ask to change and if you get approval, can make the switch. I got approval mid day so went to the other class and the teacher hadn’t been informed so she was quite rude actually. Asking why I was in there and I couldn’t just switch mid day bla bla. That in addition to, I walked in while this Italian kid was giving a speech and he was like basically fluent.

The combination of those things made me seriously question my desire to move up, so I went back to B1 for the day. I was heavily leaning towards not switching after that and told my B1 professor. She said to just try it tomorrow and if it goes well, than switch but if not, I’m welcome back.

So the next day I tried B2… it was really good actually. Still review but a bit harder exercises and faster pace and I actually wasn’t the worst in class. Turns out the Italian kid is an outlier. Thus, I’ve decided to stay in B2.

There’s only 5 of us. I’m smack in the middle. It’s like retirees or 20 yr olds. Everyone’s really nice though. 

The class is entirely in Spanish but listening isn’t really a problem now. One month on the Camino was a good primer.

My day : wake up, small breakfast and maybe some yoga for 20min, walk 5k to class, class, gym, then errands or some exploration, home 12 hours later around 6-7. Cook dinner. Eat. Homework. Bed

Sample of some of the homework. We also write a lot of essays about our night etc to practice various past tenses

It’s nice though b/c its routine, you feel like your productive and have tasks and are progressing at something and yet have enough balance to explore and broaden other aspects of life

I wish work was like this.

Wednesday I went to explore some places before Jeff and Meghann come. I decided to walk to Castillo Gibralfaro and happened to choose around sunset so it was packed since you walk up to a pretty sweet vista point. As I was walking up, and older Spanish man offered to take me to another sightseeing spot. I was super suspicious … I’ve been listening to a lot of murder mysteries, but figured he was slower and weaker than me so I could take him if need be

My tour guide. The señor

He kept offering to take my photo on ledges etc and I kept getting nervous he was going to push me off and steal my phone. But – I followed him around anyway and let him take a ton of photos. Turns out he was just a super nice old man who walks this route every day. Literally the same thing happened to me in Taipei where I was walking to some tourist scenic spot and an older man asked if I wanted to go with him up the mountain and then I spent 3 hours walking with him lol. 

Where I was sure he was gonna push me off

This afternoon after class we had a mini field trip around famous shops and places in Malaga old town. It was pretty interesting and I got a bunch of notes for when Jeff and Meg come! Couple cool facts…

  • Malaga and Spain in general make a ton of cork products because there’s a lot of cork trees
  • When Franco died in 1975, the dictatorship stopped and Spain turned over to more of a democracy. This was done 1978 on Dec 6. Malaga has a plaza dedicated to this and the front page of all the famous newspapers on that day have been turned into plaques on the floor of the plaza
  • Most people were Arab/Muslim before the Catholics came to Malaga 
  • Famous Jamon here is Iberico de Pata Negra which means black hoof and it’s the pigs that eat acorns and all natural diet and run free. One leg goes for about €500
  • The sea used to be right up to the cathedral but has been moved out several streets since then… man made streets supposedly 
Old winery
How to order coffee but only in Malaga
Plaques in the Plaza is the front page of the El Pais Newspaper on Dec 6 1978

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