London > Malaga. How I almost didn’t make it

November 03 2019

So here’s where the Jimney freaking cricket adventure starts

Wake up before my alarm at like 6:23 so took a quick shower, said bye to Tim and was out by 6:30.

Walked to the train station and saw a north bound train so ran on. Turns out it’s the “north LINE” and it was heading north but I needed to go south.

So I hopped off after one stop, waited 6 min and then headed back to where I was. 

I realized the train I was on was still not on the right branch so had to hop off again at Camden and wait ANOTHER 17 min for my train.

Got my train and was literally running to catch the other train which was to leave at 8:41. I was bounding  up the platform stairs when the train doors closed. 


So had to wait TWENTY EIGHT minutes for the train to the airport at 8:11. Which was set to arrive like 8:47. Doors closed for my plane at 9:00am

On the train I was so sure that I’d miss it- I bought another cheap flight from another airport at 2 pm in case I had to just turn around and head to that airport 

As soon as the train doors open, I sprinted up the stairs towards the airport…

The next things that followed were everything working against me to catch this plane.

The train came up to South terminal so I had to sprint following signs to North Terminal which led me to A SHUTTLE I had to take

2 min waiting for shuttle and another 2 min on it. Got to N Terminal at like 8:53

Sprint upstairs, looked wrong, sprinted back down, ask guy where security is- he says up and to the left.

Sprint back up.

Wait in security line- get called to take my shoes off and have to go through the intense arm up scanner

Old man is taking forever so I go around him

Man in front of me then gets a pat down… ARE YOU KIDDING ME

Finally my turn, grab my stuff and run.

Gate is 55.

Its probably like 8:55 now, I don’t even look at my watch- just sprint. Weaving around… run up to the gate at 9:00…

They’re behind on boarding.

I make it.

Not only did I make it but they didn’t make me check my bag bc it’s a backpack AND they filled up my water bottle when I landed 


When I landed – it was super easy to get an Uber to my Airbnb. The bus and train are super cheap and easy too but I’d have to walk a bit and wanted to arrive ASAP since I already made Luis wait one more day till I arrived 

Luis and his wife were very sweet. They stayed about 30 min explaining the area and things to do. They were super thorough and had all these brochures as well for day trips nearby for Cordoba Sevilla etc 

The loft was super cute! Has everything I need- kitchenette, washer, shower, wardrobe, vacuum etc and it was already stocked with cooking essentials, coffee, salt, rice….

It’s location is very central as well.

I unpacked the suitcase I shipped and then took a quick shower. Then I went to find lunch as it was nearing 4pm.

Found a vegetarian restaurant around the corner. (I’m trying to be more veg for November… and maybe long term but we’ll see how this month goes)

Jeff called after lunch so we chatted and I paid the bill and then set out to look at the gym near by. 

There’s a giant Reebok gym 10 min walk from my place.

I then headed to the Casa Natal Picasso museum. It’s the house where he was born in, in Malaga. It’s free Sundays after 4pm! So checked that out quick. It’s free and pretty small so why not, and then bought a ton of groceries.

Picasso self portrait

I made a veg couscous dish with spinach, tofu, chickpeas, red pepper, and mint. It wasn’t bad! 

And then I was totally exhausted and passed out around 9:30pm

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