Weekend in London

November 02 2019

Decided I’d keep writing while on sabbatical. I kind of enjoy it… we’ll see how it goes while I’m in classes…

Had a really good weekend with familiar faces

Friday I got in around 12 and then took the train from Gatwick to the Tate Modern to meet Pete. 

It was super convenient. 5 stops direct for about £12. Took about 44 min. He met me like ten minutes later and then I checked my bag into the museum locker for the day. 

The modern was nice, like the Moma but better. It was all free except the exhibit by Olafur which we paid for to see.

Olafur Elisson steam room exhibition
Pete and Olafur Elisson
Olafur Elisson
Nam June Paik exhibit
Paik and Charlotte Moorman

After a full day, I headed to Tim’s. I kept buying tickets at each station before I changed trains because I thought you could only scan your phone if you had an oyster. Turns out you can with any credit card or Apple Pay so would’ve save a ton of time had a known that. Oh well. Learned it on the last day. So headed to Tim’s

Showered, washed all my clothes and my bag. Then we went to a bar to meet Ian Kwok. Friend from HK who moved when I arrived. Super funny guy. Totally seemed like he had been part of our group forever. 

We ended up getting litty without intention just sort of crept up on us at dinner when we got the second bottle of wine.

We got home slightly after midnight. I called Jeffrey and then went to bed

Woke up the next day without alarm around 8:30. Was nice to sleep a full 8 hours. I took a quick twirl in the shower and then we headed to a pub for the World Cup rugby finals, England vs SA. England got creamed. It was fun to watch. Kevin came too.

After that we went to Camden Market to explore and walk around. Got a quick bite and then went back to Tim’s. We lounged and like mini napped for 15 min and then Tim left to go see Fiddler on the Roof with his cousin and Kev and I went to the British Museum. The BM is basically a collection of all the things the UK has plundered over the years as colonizers. It’s kind of like the Met. The coolest thing was the Rosetta Stone and the Islamic art section.

Inside British Museum

We spent a little over 2 hours there and then left to grab a quick drink at a bar called Fight Club. We got a snake bite which is half Guinness and half cider. It was not that good… 

Kev liked it though. Then we went to Chinatown to meet Pete Tim and his cousin Louise, for dinner

Lots of veggies which was good

After we headed to a super posh cocktail bar called “Kwant”. It was in this restaurant called Momo and had waiters all in white coats and a fancy menu at £15 a drink.

Then we called it a night and headed home around 11:15pm

We took the bus back which was very convenient 

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