Hiking Day 28: Castromaior > Melide

October 29 2019

Weather was great today but it felt hard 

My feet were really sore. I was dragging for the last 3 miles of the 18.

I thought tomorrow was 16 but it’s actually 18. Doh. 

It’s supposed to rain so my last two days and I bought at €9 poncho. I’ve been sooo wet and miserable my rain days, I figured it was worth it.

Saw lots of cool fungi today

Today I stopped for lunch around 9-10 miles and then again at 15 miles … that way it mentally preps myself for the last hour or so of the remaining 5km

As I was walking, I was listening to a murder mystery and the two American guys scared me as I was trudging along listening 

They passed me but were staying in the same town.

At the very last mile, the UK girl caught up with me too and we walked into town together. She too was staying in Melide 

She told me she wanted to do the last 3 days alone bc she was just tired of being with people and she had set out originally alone but ended up with people the whole time. The Italian girl that’s quasi in their group, told me the same thing and has also broken off to do the last 3 days alone.

This made me feel so much better. Like I wasn’t crazy for wanting to have distance and be by myself. I felt relieved to feel that other people wanted that too and I wasn’t just this antisocial introvert that runs from community settings

She said the guys were also really struggling mentally and physically with the end and that helped a lot too because when you look around, everyone seems so strong fast and happy and you feel like the only one struggling. It’s nice to know other people are too, despite this being our 20-some odd day of walking 

Melide was supposed to be known for its pulpo or octopus. We are all staying at different places but agreed to meet up at the famous spot for octopus. We each got a ration… and it was a mistake. Just wayyyy too much octopus for one person and it was like very soft and like warm cold. I think if they grilled it or crisped it or something to give it more texture, it would be good. However we all really struggled eating it. I couldn’t finish mine. We totally should’ve shared a plate

This… was not good

After we went to the grocery store to buy snacks to make up for our disappointing dinner and then to the bar for a drink 

Tomorrow, I think we’re all going to different towns 

I don’t think I can go further than I did today so will do another 18 miles and end with 15

The boys are aiming to do 21 miles and end with 12.

Arabella, the UK gal, is going to split into 3 days and end Nov 1st so is probably just doing 9 tomorrow. 

I hope my feet feel better than they did today. It’s the final countdown … (cue song by Europe) 

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  1. Ying Shen says:

    You are almost there!


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