Hiking Day 29: Melide > Brea

October 30 2019

T-2 days!

I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous. Yesterday hurt. 18 miles and my feet were sore. I was worried about getting through today at the same distance. 

I had planned my stops about the same as well. Lunch at 9miles, beer or snack around 15 miles which leaves me with about an hour to go for the last 5k.

It was supposed to rain so I wore the poncho I bought yesterday. At first, it didn’t rain much so I was starting to question my purchase and then it POURED! And man was I grateful. It made such.a.difference.

There was a stop along the way for Pelegrinos where a lady was roasting cashews
Cashews and Rain

My legs actually stayed decently dry this time. 

I finished the last murder mystery book walking into the town of Arzua which was my lunch stop. Finishing the book made the first half go by relatively quickly. A lot of people stopped for the day in that town after the rain so post lunch, I saw very few people.

I had an omelet (eggs and cheese) and then went and bought some groceries across the street. Normally I buy: yogurt, some fruit, some nuts, and maybe something sweet like a chocolate bar for cravings. Today I also bought an empanada with the intention for eating later for late lunch. 

Typical grocery run

The rain was stop and go after lunch but definitely still in strong fits of water. Around mile 12 I was laughing at how derpy I looked and wanted a photo. I had been playing pass and go tag with these three men and happened upon them when I rounded the corner

I asked them to take my photo to capture the derpiness

After that we got to talking and they basically adopted me for the next 3 hours. 

We walked two more miles together. I told them after the walk I was going to study Spanish so they proceeded to only speak in Spanish so I could practice and then also kindly corrected my sentences or taught me how to improve my pronunciation when I spoke. It was actually super helpful. 

Around mile 14, they said they were going to stop for a beer and asked me to come; I said I’d love to.

Me and el Jefe “the boss”

They treated me to: Two beers, chorizo and queso, eggs with regional mushrooms and lots of bread. Oh and a random shot of something 42% proof… (the pain in my feet definitely disappeared for a while after all that)

The bar was a bit of a “tourist spot” on the camino. After you drink your beer, you sign it and put it somewhere on the property.

One of the guys I was with, found out it was in the same military battalion as the bartender back in the day which was kind of cool!

We walked two more miles together. The topics going to Trump, Obama, Taxes… my Spanish probably deteriorating as my confidence increased haha

And then we said our good byes. 

They were staying in a town before my end destination. So I bid them adieu, my 3 Spanish grandads for today, and headed back on the trail. 

2 more miles to hit 18 total and I made it to my lodging.

Showered, hand washed clothes, yoga and dinner.

One of the Canadian girls I had met earlier was staying here too with her friend who flew in from Vancouver to do the end with her. 

It was nice catching up with them and I was told a lot of Canadians don’t like Trudeau. Who knew?

Anyway, 2 bottles of wine later and we were off to bed.

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY

It’s surreal … I’m sad but also feel really in awe that it’s over. Something that seemed so daunting to get through is now just done. It’s going to be a little bit of an adjustment not walking this much every day for me. I’ve grown to like the simplicity of the day.

I know I said that I don’t get how people do this over and over again BUT there is this route called the northern route- which runs parallel to the French route (which is the one I just did) but is harder because it’s more mountainous… and I can totally see coming back to do that route…

Kind of like leveling up to the next challenge 🙂 

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  1. Ying Shen says:

    Hi Lauren,
    I hope you had a great walk on your last day… can’t wait to see your post!


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