Hiking Day 21: Hospital de Orbigo > Murias de Rechivaldo

October 22 2019

Today started off really great. 

Leaving the hostal I bumped into 3 people as I was exiting 

Shortly thereafter we were posed with two signs and were trying to figure out which route to go

I heard that a couple of them were American so started chatting with them.

They were my walking buddies for the next 8 miles.

Proof I had friends

2 guys from the US. One actually currently applying to Accenture (small world); the other- a gal from the UK.

It was nice to have good convo again. I haven’t had that on the trail with other Pelegrinos (minus Grace who came to visit two weekends ago!) since the Icelandys!

We talked aboutttt Game of Thrones (again, very universal topic). Favorite works of fiction, the new Joker movie (I guess they went and saw it in Spanish in Burgos). 

Why people hate the Brits (or how come they aren’t more hated vs Americans lol)

They had all come to hike separately but had met at the start and stuck together ever since. I thought that was kind of nice but also maybe a bit trapped? If you get sick of one another I mean.. but maybe they haven’t?

Along the way there was this pit stop set up where people set up coffee fresh fruit bread and jams etc all for donation. It was pretty nice and generous. The fruit was really good actually.

I walked with the trio till Astorga (the biggest town we were going to pass through) 

We grabbed a quick snack together and explored the Cathedral

It’s a super cool town and known for 3 things really:

  • The Cathedral
  • The Epsicopal Palace made by Gaudí
  • Chocolate! The cacao bean was brought from Mexico in the 1500s and there’s chocolate shops everywhere 
Gaudí Palace
Palace different angle

So after buying some chocolate- I set out. My destination was only another 3 miles. They were going one town further 

Some cute old buddies
Just a man and his dog
Ombré tree

They are going to finish Oct 31

Right now I am set to finish Nov 1… I feel like I could potentially try to catch up with them and finish a day earlier but it’s gonna be some rough mileage days. Even more than I already have planned

They aren’t set to fly out anyway till Nov 2 so I’m gonna try to have dinner with them Friday, the 1st.

I got to my hostal and my room was filled with flies… I tried to ignore but it was legit like 10-15 of them buzzing around. So I asked for a fly swatter and killed a bunch. I was kind of grossed out bc they were all around the light which had to be over the bed so of course when I killed them, their dead bodies fell on the bed. So I quickly grabbed them with tissue. After I had done this like 7 times. I felt satisfied with the minute buzzing from the remaining living fly souls, and headed to find a snack

Where I had my snack 🙃

I got back and MORE FLIES 

Honest to Pete they were coming in from somewhere. So I again go down and ask for the fly swatter. The people were like “maybe we can move you rooms”

So they ask the owner and he asks to come up and look. I say sure of course. Of course when he comes up. They’re quiet and not flying around. Damn flies making me looks bad.

I’m trying to point them out but I think he thinks I’m just being a baby. He asks anyway if I want to move next door

I say sure… I move all my stuff

Then two flies. I decide to suck it up. It’s only two now instead of like double digit.

I head to the floor to do some yoga before dinner… as I’m about to start- Jeff calls. 

I’m talking to Jeff while sitting on a towel on the floor and as I am talking to him A FREAKING MOUSE RUNS BY ALMOST OVER MY FOOT.

I freakkkkked out. Hung up with Jeff. So creeped out. I go downstairs again and tell the girl that a mouse just ran past me

She tells the owner. I move rooms again. 

Like I had already paid and I don’t think they’re going to offer money back but what.the.hell

This room wasn’t cheap compared to everywhere else I’ve stayed either. It’s one of the more pricey places. I should’ve just stayed in the crappy albergue down the road but the reviews kind of spooked me. It’s a small town so not many options but damn. 

Idk if the guy thinks I’m an uptight city girl but if you’re gonna charge like 50$ a night… I don’t want to have to go on fly combat duty and watch my feet for mice. 

Dinner was really good but idk man – I’m very much looking forward to moving on tomorrow…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ying Shen says:

    Love your pics and sorry for the flies and mouse 😦
    Hope tomorrow is another good day 🙂


  2. Lauren Hsu says:

    Thank you! Just very unsettling!


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