Hiking Day 22: Murias de Rechivaldo > Acebo

October 23 2019

I got attacked by spider bites last night 

One giant hard bite on my back hip, on my shoulder, my wrist and 3 on my head. I hate being bitten in the middle of the night . Feels so violating 

Luckily I have my spider bite cream from the incident at the start of the camino but man: flies mouse spider bites- must leave this hostal!

After having breakfast with this Australian Spanish lady this morning, she told me she was heading to the town of Acebo. She was the 4th person to tell me they were heading there 

I had only planned to go to Foncebodon which was just 13 miles but then started wondering if I should try to go further. Acebo was 20miles away.

So I decided- if my hostal said they would cancel my reservation without charge, I’d go further. 

They cancelled so further I went 

Around 9 miles I stopped to grab a coffee and some Spanish tortilla. At that point I tried calling a hostal in Acebo to see if they had room. They said they did. I told them I had 11 miles to go so I’d see them in 3-4 hours

I ran into Antonio! The guy who calls me Madeline. You can see the bumps on my forehead from the 🕷

I passed through the next town (Foncebodon) and thought I’d stop for lunch in the following place. 

It was raining and cold and I wanted to do another stretch and then reward myself with a break before the last segment

When I got to the last “town” – Manjarin. I remembered that there’s absolutely no hostals there and it’s not really a town.

Damnit I though. Another 5ish miles to go with no break. 

Around the bend from the sign “Manjarin” I saw this weird eclectic hut thing. I wasn’t allowed to take photos but inside basically looked like a grandmas attic filled with catholic paraphernalia and kittens everywhere. It wasn’t heated but it was sheltered and I was just desperate to get out of the rain. 

They had a basic menu and I asked for hot chocolate. It took a while to make but I didn’t object since I was trying to warm up as much as possible. Once delivered it was basically like hot chocolate pudding. It was awesome. Definitely just what I needed to warm me up and give me the boost I needed for the last segment

Mad I didn’t share my hot chocolate

Today was a lot of uphill overlooking forests and through forests. It was really pretty since all the leaves were changing color but hard to capture with the rain and overcast. The last 3km was really annoying rocky downhill though.

I had a giant blister on the bottom of my foot that I drained outside around mile 8 and I had a lot of water and blood filling the ball of my foot. 

It was sensitive so the rocky downhill was very slow and methodical 

Once I got to the hostal (around 5:18 pm) I was freezing and my foot was in a lot of pain. I soaked it for a while, took a hot shower. I tried to drain it but it wasn’t really draining and after quite a few pokes, my foot started throbbing so I decided to stop.

View of Acebo

I had been booking all my places out in advance but for these last ten days – I kind of want to see how it goes so I cancelled all my bookings and was going to try to take it Day by day. Interested to see how my foot feels tomorrow but want to try to do 15-18 miles. It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow too 😦 

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  1. Ying Shen says:

    One day closer to your destination !


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