Hiking Day 20: León > Hospital de Obrigo

October 21 2019

Today I decided to try my third 20+ miler in 5 days. 

The weather was good and I was feeling optimistic. 

Leaving Leon

This trail frequently offers alternate routes during some of the stages, similar to the option 1 vs 2, I mentioned a couple days back

So today we came upon an option for an alternate route. I was following 3 Korean boys and they flipped a coin and headed down the alternate route.

I’m not sure if I was feeling adventurous because I was listening to Into the Wild or just wanted to go with the masses but I decided to follow them

At first, I was pretty pleased with my decision

Beautiful backroads. Small towns where houses had big backyards with flowers and gardens. Horses!

However after 8 miles, I started to get kinda hungry. I had eaten a yogurt and nuts before I left but that was starting to wear off now. 

Around that time I happened across a sign. It showed quite a disparate gap between the main path and the path I was on. 

Red line is the main route. Dotted line is what I was on

I then decided to plug in the main route into maps, and get back on it. It took me four miles.

I weaved through dirt roads, small towns where all the houses were burrowed in the dirt, and past some really crummy towns too.

Dirt mound houses

Finally I hit the main trail around mile 13.

At that point it intersected a town and I was excited about the prospect of lunch

Butttt nothing was open. Except for a small crummy bread shop where everything looked old and stale.

Beggars can’t be choosers so I bought a cold empanada and a stale croissant and took it to go. 

Another 8 miles and then I hit my destination. I felt pretty good till the last 2 miles. My feet started to hurt at that point and it’s probably because I didn’t really stop for a proper rest and sit at all today. I ate my baked goods on the go.

The town Hospital de Obrigo is super cute. I’m glad I went the extra four miles to stay here rather than the town before. The town before was kind of industrial and depressing and the hostal lady I did inquire with, was snotty and rude. (Her loss)

You enter the town on a long cute stone bridge

My place is super tasteful and hipster. A lot of these places have a lot of different materials as part of their buildings: wood stone concrete etc.

This place has accent color trim, exposed beams, cute wire pulley lamps and wooden doors made into tables. It’s adorable. 

It’s a little drafty but nothing a down sleeping bag can’t fix. 

After hand washing clothes- I head to the hot restaurant for dinner “Los Angeles”.

The pilgrims menu was tasty. I had trout soup which is a local special for my first course and an omelette with salad for my second.

Trout Soup

The waiter seated a Spanish man at my table; there were no more tables and we had to go community style. The guy was hesitant asking if I spoke Spanish. I told him some. Then we were able to converse the entire meal! He doesn’t speak any English. Convo started basic like when did you start, how did you like it, what city is your favorite blah blah… but then I did ask him what he thought of the Barcelona protests, health care in EU vs US, Trump came up… etc.

Albeit, there was just a couple sentences exchanged on each topic, I was pretty happy! And he did more talking than me obviously but hey it’s a start!

Tomorrow will be a shorter day. 13 miles. Excited for my new mystery novel while I walk tomorrow (Thanks Trina for the Rec!)

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