Bai Wall… hello Montana

Sept 13 – Day 2

We decided to get the eff out of Wall. (Great Choice) even if it meant forfeiting one night at the Sleepy Hollow RV park. 

We got up around 6am MDT and made coffee/packed up to go 

We had our first dumping station experience. About on par with expectations 

Then we headed an hour west towards Rapid City and Mt Rushmore.

Jeff’s never seen Rushmore so we did that and a quick presidential loop and then headed to Custer State Park to do a hike before heading to Montana.

We chose one but about 1.6 miles from the start and the park, there was a tunnel stating 9.6 foot max height requirement (our RV is 11.6)

So Jeff has to reverse backwards while I waved cars around us about 300 feet and luckily there was a gravel shoulder ditch thing down the road. So I convinced Jeff to park there and take the bikes into the park and do the hike.

The 1.4 miles was super steep (especially with 30 yr old bikes who’s gears don’t stay), but it was fun and perfect weather.

We got into the trailhead near Lake Sylvan, saved on the $20 entry fee (whoop!) and then headed in. We did a shortened version Bc we were nervous about the RV and the cats but it was still gorgeous and a good little pump up.

We got back to the RV about two hours later and all was just peachy- and we headed out to MT.

The drive to Miles City, MT was about 4.2 hours and 3 of it was on this two way one lane highway  212 with literally nothing in sight but grass and cows. No billlboards, no gas stations, hardly any farms… 

We pulled an audible driving today. I was going to save it for Mon-Wed. Since we decided to do 5 hours today- we decided to book an RV spot in Miles City for Sunday – Tuesday and then do another 5 hour push on Tuesday. This way the cats can chill a little and it’s really the only “town” for like 5 hours. Town meaning it has a Walmart we can bike to for groceries lol. Everything’s a 16 min bike so I’m super grateful we brought the bikes so we don’t have to lug the RV around. 

We pulled into the RV park and the owner was veryyyy chatty. Nice lady but we sat talking to her for like 15 min. Learned she went to Japan when she was 17. She’s the youngest of 5. Her dad had died but was a professor that did all this research in MN. She has two siblings that are doctors… 4 cats. Her husband’s (Jim) mom is sick… and etc. 

We got our RV all hooked up and she drove by on the golf cart and knocked to show us her cat lol. V hilarious 

We got water and electricity and then grabbed backpacks to head to Walmart for groceries. 

We biked to Walmart past some … lots? Majority run down trailers but a few cute little houses with a lot of farm equipment and cars. 

We grabbed groceries for the next couple days. Biked back

Made steak for Jeff and Beyond Burger for me for dinner. Had our first hot shower and got our WiFi set up for work! All in all v successful day.

We have no steak knives…

Now we will see how working in an RV together works…

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