When life gives you C-19… convince your husband to travel in an RV for 3 weeks… with the cats

Sept 12

Towards the end of July I saw friends going to Wyoming and I thought damn I want to do that…. then I thought huh, well I’m in middle of the US right now and it’ll probably be the only time Jeff and I are allowed to work remote together- so why not hit up a bunch of the national parks I’ve always wanted to see via RV

Thus ensued the genesis of intense researching for about four days about every WiFi options, RV class types and features.

I managed to convince Jeff in about a day. Didn’t take long lol. And soon had a google sheet filled with WiFi options, RV rental options and routes. I pitched 6 weeks at first and got him down to 3 🙂 haha always start high. 

I learned about how to find the best rated RV park along with the cell signals of various providers, essentials for RV packing, what to know about releasing the tanks (oof) and that no one in South Dakota believes my last name is real since it has two consonants in a row to start. 

Fast forward to the Friday after Labor Day and we’re off to pick up our rental Class C…. we used outdoorsy.com which is like Airbnb for Rvs and it was super easy. The owner gave us a 30min overview and Jeff and I were off. 

He drove first and I followed.

We stopped at Walmart on the way back to get some last minute items like propane and a bike rack. Ps Walmart let’s RVs stay for free in their parking lot if you need. They don’t have plugs or anything but if you just need a place to boondock- Walmart parking lot is there for you! 

When we got back we opened the awning. Smelled SO bad. So we power washed it and then started loading stuff. It was good we got to practice with the awning too Bc it was a little tricky. 

We got all the bikes loaded and my mini gym 🙂 

Next morning we cleaned the house really well, got the rest of our gear in and all the food and we’re off. 9 hour drive to Wall, SD. 

So far so good. Gracie is pretty easy to drive (We’ve subbed her Gracie).

The cats freaked out the first hour but they’re good now. Got them to eat a little hard food.

We made it to Wall, SD in about 10 hours. Stopped for gas twice ($80-90 per fill up wood)

For being noobs we figured out how to pull in plug on and hook up water pretty seamlessly (honestly not hard and thank god for YouTube)

Our first RV park

Dinner choices were slim- in the top five were Subway and DQ lol. We found Rock cafe which did not have a single thing on its menu without beef… except a cheese quesadilla so like a five yr old I had that and broccoli haha. But it was damn good.

We booked two nights here but we may leave tomorrow and head to Rushmore and then Montana! More to come but first day was a success

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  1. Lisa Johnston says:

    You’re off! Yay, have fun!!! 🥰

    Andrew and Sophie were just in SD last weekend. They had a great time! Lisa

    Sent from my iPhone



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