Hiking Day 26: Fonfria > Rente

October 27 2019

I had every opportunity to stay with the group I stayed with last night (the 2 Americans and British girl along with another girl duo they had been with majority of the trip), but I opted not to. 

I don’t know why… when I’m with them it’s fun and I like being around other people but for some reason I just didn’t feel inclined to stay with them for the last week till the end? They all ended up staying in Sarria which was about 16 miles but I went another 3 miles to a smaller town.

I like being around people? I like community? I haven’t had a constant group on this trip… and sometimes I envy what they formed, buttt something made me want to separate again and just see them at the end.

I confuse myself sometimes 

Anyway- today’s weather was gorgeous. High 60s. I was in a tee shirt for most of it

Today was my last 20miler. I’ve done six 20milers every other day for the past 11 days

I kept waking up throughout the night so left about 7:30am to catch the sunrise.

Today presented two options again. One way was through small country towns and rolling hills. The other was as well but added in another 6miles to see a monastery. I opted non Monastery route. Maybe someday I’ll go back and see it.

Galicia is so beautiful

The route I chose was still beautiful. Full of animals, fruit plants and small villages. 

Raspberries and the person asks for a euro per tray
These are chestnuts. They are everywhere and old people go out and pick up sacks of them to roast
In honor of finishing on Halloween!

Sarria seemed like an okay town but I seem to hit all the big towns on Sundays and very little was open. I walked to three grocery stores and all closed. I was tired of adding on extra mileage so I found a place to get a sandwich for lunch and then trudged on another 3.4 miles to my lodging.

Sarria Cathedral

I’m staying at this family’s old farm house. I was nervous at first because the last rural location like this I stayed- was the mouse spider bite place…

This place is gorgeous and well constructed though. Not full of small little cracks everywhere with bugs seeping in.

Couple flies but no big deal. When I walked in, the lady was squeezing honey from honey comb!

They don’t speak any English and even though I speak enough Spanish, the interactions are kind of weird.

They showed me to my room when I arrived and proceeded to walk away (normally you pay first).

I figured maybe it’s because I’m eating here so I’ll just pay at dinner. 

Before she could leave, I asked when dinner was – 7pm.

I go down at 7pm. The kitchen door is closed and the family is inside clearly eating. So I just sit in the steps on the front door (which is next to the kitchen) and wait. I felt weird interrupting the meal?

10min later, the daughter sees me and tells her mom I’m waiting. Her mom (the grandma) seems to run the joint.

She takes me to a back dining hall – empty cept my one place setting, and I sit there

She tells me we are having soup and meat for dinner. 

K – fine by me

Soup comes- it’s tasty! I ask her if the vegetables are from her garden. She says yes. I compliment her… she just nods and walks away lol

Meat is lamb (sorry Grace!) it was super delicious. 

Dessert was dulce de leche flan. Also delicious

After dessert -… I wait. Finally, it’s been a solid 15 minutes and I decide to bring my plate in the kitchen (why keep sitting there?)

They seem embarrassed but whatever. I ask if I should pay now but they said after breakfast so, after breakfast it is. 

Tomorrow was going to rain but looks like it’s cleared up! 

I’m going 16 miles tomorrow. Then 19mi/17mi/15mi… done…

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