London for Thanksgiving

December 02 2019

I took easyJet to London. Getting to the airport and through security was easy but the boarding process was a bit of a shit show 

When I was queuing to walk to my seat, a guy in the front bulk head was looking for a spot for his motorcycle helmet. The stewardist basically asked him to just wait and chill for a sec. there looked to be space in front of this one suit case so I offered to try to put it up for him while I was standing there. Then this nasty old British lady one seat back said “no, my jackets going there, that’s my spot because it’s my suitcase.” 

I was like “your jacket can go on top of your suit case and his helmet may be able to still fit on top.

“No” she replied and crusting shook her head.

The guy told me not to worry about it so I walked on but muttered about selfish airline behavior and how holding him up would ultimately hold her up and the whole plane. 

Flight went well into Luton. It’s north of Tims so I took the A1 bus down which dropped very close to his and then a local bus (the 36?) over to his house. Got in around 1030pm

View from Tim’s house

The guys had got Thai food and gotten me some stir fry veggies 

The next morning (Thanksgiving day), I woke up and went for a 8mile run. I hadn’t run in ages so it felt kind of weird. I went around Regeant and Hyde Park

After that we waited for Jeff to arrive. Tim went to work. 

When Jeff got in, Kev had a work lunch so Dain Jeff and I went to Camden market and mulled around. Got some food and then went to a bar for a pint and cider. 

Then we went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving meal stuff for Friday.

That night we went to Dinerama which is this food court bar drink spot in Shoreditch. It was really cool actually. We met Ian Kwok and his wife Danica there. I really liked her and everyone ended up getting hammered since Dain kept buying stupid whiskey tequila shots 

We got the last pizza before the place closed and headed home around midnight 

The next morning, I woke up kinda early and went to a class from ClassPass. The gym was right across the street from Tim’s so super convenient and it was a good class! Good mix of cardio and weights using bike and row machines. 

They also had showers and a smoothie bar so did all that and then went to get my eyebrows threaded. It had been like two months so they were in some dire straights. Took the lady a while too to get them all ready for society 

After that, I met the boys at breakfast place in Camden.

As I was walking to breakfast- a guy ran up to me to stop me. Turns out it was helmet guy! He stopped and thanked me for trying to help on the plane. What a small ass world eh

Anto Hess had hit me up early that morning saying he now lived in London. I recruited Jeff and Dain to go with me to meet him for a drink quick after breakfast while Dain and Tim went back to wait for the TV man to come mount the TV.

Of course I took us to the wrong bar so we ended up only getting like 20 min with Anto at a new spot. D’oh

Anyway he’s doing well and it was awesome to see a friendly face after so many years

While we were with Anto, a man stabbed people on the London Bridge. Super effed up because he was actually on the watch list and had been on house arrest before. Two people died and he was stopped by a lot of the citizens on the bridge. 

Then we headed back to clean and start cooking.

Dain did most of the cooking. We bought a ton of veggies and Cote de boeuf. I’m still doing mainly veg so it was great for me! Probably one of the healthiest Thanksgiving meals I’ve had. 

After dinner we watched Train to Busan. Everyone I think got kind of slowly tipsy and Jeff passed out on the couch mid movie and started snoring

We all ended up in bed at like 11:30pm lol so old

Saturday- we woke up and Tim made bagels and then we said bye to Kev who flew back to NY. We decided to do a day trip and caught a train to Brighton (city on the southern coast of England) 

We played uno the whole way and no one could win. It was ridiculous. Brighton was cute with a lot of little shops. We didn’t shop around too much but bought stuff for hottie totties. We walked around to the beach, saw a giant donut/bagel. Next, we found the second best fish and chips place (the one rated first was weirdly empty so we didn’t go?) and ate there.

Thennnn we headed back lol.

Tim started to feel sick so we spent that night in and watched another Korean movie, Parasite, and ate left overs. Man that movie stayed with you

Sunday – I went to the gym across the street again and then we headed to Brick Lane market to meet Claud and Dan. Tim stayed in bed. Dain Jeff Claud Dan and I ended up walking about 6 miles around to all these different markets. It was a gorgeous day so none of us really minded. Then we had to rush home so Jeff could get the train to LHR

Jeff left 😦 and then Dain Tim and I ordered Vietnamese and stayed in and watched 6 hours of Kim’s Convenience on Netflix while playing Monopoly Deal. I lost every game 

Next morning I got my budget airlines flight (€20) to Malaga. It was out of Stanstead at 7:20 am so had to catch the A6 bus from Fitchley at 5:11am. Even with going that early, and having like no luggage, I still got to the gate right before it was supposed to close at 6:50 am.

I didn’t really sleep on the plane. So when I got to Malaga, I got some breakfast and then took an hour nap. Then I went to the gym, stocked up on groceries for my last week, and went home to figure out my game plan for the next week.

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